Linear Vibrating Screen

Linear Vibrating Screen is a kind of closed and light weight industrial vibrating sieve equipment. It is widely used for sieving sand, soil, grain beans, wood chips etc.

Model: ST520, ST1030, ST1235, ST1540, ST1850, customized size.

Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

Mesh Size: Customized



  • Introduction

Adopts double vibrating motors as vibration source, Linear Vibrating Screen is a kind of closed and light weight industrial vibrating sieve equipment. When working, the two motors spin in opposite directions, the eccentric blocks at the ends of motor produce vibration force. Under the action of vibration force, the screen box which supported on the four compression spring produces a continuous linear vibration. In the process of the movement, the materials do the projectile motion and keep going in a straight line at the same time. The materials enter in from the inlet, go through the multi-layer screen, then different size of materials was separated out from different outlet.  It can be equipped with single or multi-decks to achieve different purposes like grading, removing impurity, removing dust, testing, washing selecting, dehydration, etc.

  • Advantage
  1. Low energy consumption, high efficiency.
  2. Full closed structure, no dust flying.
  3. Sieving accuracy reach to 200 mesh (0.074mm), 6 layers.
  4. Simple and convenient for changing and cleansing mesh screen
  5. Less blocking of mesh screen

  • Parameters
Model Sieve Size(mm)  particle size Screen surface inclination




layer(s) power(kw)
ST520 500×2000 0.074-10 0°-10° 3-8 1-7 2×(0.37-0.75)
ST525 500×2500 2×(0.37-0.75)
ST530 500×3000 2×(0.55-1.1)
ST535 500×3500 2×(0.55-1.1)
ST1020 1000×2000 2×(0.55-1.1)
ST1025 1000×2500 2×(1.1-1.5)
ST1030 1000×3000 2×(1.1-1.5)
ST1035 1000×3500 2×(1.5-2.2)
ST1040 1000×4000 2×(1.5-2.2)
ST1225 1200×2500 2×(1.5-2.2)
ST1230 1200×3000 2×(1.5-3)
ST1235 1200×3500 2×(1.5-3)
ST1530 1500×3000 2×(2.2-3)
ST1535 1500×3500 2×(2.2-3)
ST1540 1500×4000 2×(2.2-4)