Tumbler Screen

Tumbler screen is an imitated hand screening round swing screen machine, it is better performance for the large capacity in fine mesh size powder sieving.

Model: YBS-600, YBS-800, YBS-1000, YBS-1200, YBS-1600,YBS-2000

Layers: 1-5 Layers

Material: Full Stainless Steel, Contact Parts Stainless Steel

Mesh size: Customized



  • Introduction

Tumbler screen is an imitated hand screening with low-frequency round swing screen machine. It’s working principle is similar to manual sieving with hands. The working motion is instantaneous movement of the radial displacement and the displacement of the axis of the circular motion of the synthesis (spiral motion). It is designed to meet the requirements of large output and high-density sieving. It make use of artificial sieving movement successfully(its sieving precision,sieve efficiency and service life is 5-10 times of common sieve machine), and suitable for all the fine, ultra-fine powder and special materials, particularly suitable for materials which are difficult to classify.


  • Advantage

High efficiency: 5 times output than general screen

High Accuracy: 98% sieving purity

Multi Grade: 600MM-2600MM, 6 Grades Outlet Available


  • Parameters
Model Layer Power(Kw) Sieve Effective Diameter(mm) Sieve Area(m2) RPM
YBS-600 1-5 0.25 600 0.21 120-360
YBS-1000 1-5 1.5 1000 0.66 120-360
YBS-1200 1-5 2.2 1200 0.98 120-360
YBS-1600 1-5 4 1600 1.81 120-360
YBS-2000 1-5 4 2000 2.8 120-360
YBS-2400 1-4 5.5 2400 4.15 120-360
YBS-2600 1-4 5.5 2600 5.31 120-360